Do you get up early in the morning just to savour time alone, enjoy parties but find yourself leaving early having had enough, love people but often feel drained after being around others? Do you have the sense that at church it’s the people who are loud and confident who seem to be at the cutting edge of the kingdom? The Christian Church seems to prefer action to contemplation, risk-taking to cautious wisdom, certainty to doubt, noise to silence. 

Our lives are shaped profoundly by personality and the most fundamental aspect is what has been called the ‘north and south of temperament’ that is where we fall on the introvert/extrovert spectrum. The world needs both kinds of people but our culture values the extrovert to the extent that introverts are often ignored and under-valued.

This retreat is for people who struggle with the expectations placed on them with regard to faith that leave them feeling uncomfortable or inadequate. Prayer, worship and evangelism as well as lifestyle seem to beckon in another direction. By grounding the whole in who God is and who we are in Christ, we will explore each of these aspects of life and how our personalities impact them.

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