Community Houses

All Companions are called to work out what hospitality looks like where they live. In 2012 we recognised three particular responses to this as Community Houses. These are the homes of Companions who keep the monastic rhythm of the day, express the ethos of the Northumbria Community and offer accommodation for retreat. They all have their own character, so please check out their individual websites.

The Northumbria Community in France

Jane and Andrew Perkins have established a Community House in France.

Bridge House

Bridge House is one of the Community’s Other Houses in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Phil and Rosemary Mader-Grayson offer hospitality, retreats, B&B and a campsite and they will always offer you a lovely cup of tea!

House of Azar

Duncan and Lesley MacLean are Companions in Community, and their life and work at House of Azar reflects this.