Scripture Readings for March

In March we will be using two sets of readings each day. Morning prayer will be Ask for the Old Paths which is taken from the Aidan readings in Celtic Daily Prayer Book 1, these readings will also be shown on our website.  In our online retreats, our evening prayer...
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Join in with our Antiphon Walk across the Pilgrim’s Way, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland, UK. You can also find the words of the antiphons in Celtic Daily Prayer Book One – from page 108. The Advent antiphons are ancient prayers...
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Retreats at Nether Springs

Nether Springs is currently closed for retreats. However please do keep checking the website for updates over the next 10 days as we are looking to publish information on further Inner and Outer Pilgrimage retreats at Nether Springs as well as online retreats from...
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