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ONLINE RETREAT: Advent Retreat

6th Dec - 9th Dec 2021, At Home
Suggested donation: £150 - £180

As we enter the busy seasons of Advent and Christmas, this retreat offers the opportunity to prepare for the weeks ahead, to separate the trivial from the significant, and to consider again the meaning, relevance and wonder of the Annunciation and the Incarnation of Christ. Through conversation and reflection, we’ll prepare to welcome Christ into […]

Creative Saturdays: STOP, LISTEN, REFLECT, PRAY 9am – 1.30pm

11th Dec 2021,
Suggested donation: £20

This morning retreat offers space to pause from the activity of daily life and enter into a quiet stillness where we can listen to God and to our lives. Following the monastic rhythm of the day that we find at Nether Springs, we begin with Morning Prayer leading to a couple of hours for solitude, […]

Online Retreat: Listening to the Heartbeat of God Individually Guided Retreat

13th Dec - 16th Dec 2021, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

We are pleased to be able to open up our new series of online, Individually Guided Retreats These retreats are suitable for anyone who is interested in exploring God more deeply, on a personal level and include three, one-to-one sessions with a retreat guide, alongside our monastic rhythms. In the Gospel of John, we find […]

Inner and Outer Pilgrimage Retreat at Nether Springs

13th Dec - 17th Dec 2021, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £200 - £250

Our new Monday to Friday retreats (or occasionally Friday to Monday) involve both inner pilgrimage – a journey of inner work, silence, study, peace and rest and an opportunity for the ‘Heart alone with God’ staying full-board in an ensuite room – and outer pilgrimage. We have been working on resources to help those on […]