Spiritual Development

Joining Jesus on His Journey: Experiencing Truth Through Imaginative Prayer and Conversational Journaling

10th Feb - 13th Feb 2020, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £195

Wherever you are on your faith journey, just beginning, questioning, midstream, there is always more! Whenever we encounter Jesus, truth bursts into life. We move from the realm of concepts to the reality that truth is found in a person, someone seeking to draw us ever more closely into his friendship. Come and discover more […]

Given for Life: Exploring Our Motivational Gifts

14th Feb - 16th Feb 2020, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £130

Growing in knowledge of ourselves goes hand-in-hand with growing in knowledge of God. This retreat offers a well-tested and well-received tool for understanding our ‘motivational gift.’   What is it that motivates our personality, choices, and relationships with others?   The teaching draws from a book of the same title and is based on Romans 12:1-8, verses […]

The Return Of The Prodigal

17th Feb - 20th Feb 2020, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £195

This retreat, suitable for all ages, is an opportunity to reflect on the Prodigal story afresh, inspired by writings of Henri Nouwen and rooted in experiential learning in the here-and-now.

Living In The Story

9th Mar - 12th Mar 2020, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £195

The Bible recounts the Story of God and his interactions with humankind. This retreat will explore how the Story of the Bible works and how we might live within that Story as part of our everyday lives.

Part 2 – Finding God In Who You Are: An Exploration of Personality and Spirituality With the Help of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator

13th Mar - 15th Mar 2020, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £130

This retreat course is open to anyone who has a confident knowledge of what their MBTI personality type is and would like to take their understanding further.
The retreat will cover “Type Dynamics” and will also apply this learning to further exploration of Christian spirituality, partly by touching on the themes of our lifelong journeys of development and the relationship between our conscious and our unconscious lives where, according to Jung, both our “Shadow” and “True Self” may be found.

Blessing People And Places

16th Mar - 19th Mar 2020, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £195

The God of blessing created us to be channels of blessing to people and places. The retreat will explore the means, disciplines and resources that help us to be people of benediction whoever we are and wherever we find ourselves.

Celtic Saints: St. Cuthbert

20th Mar - 22nd Mar 2020, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £130

An opportunity to enter imaginatively into the story of this great Northern saint through prayer, creativity, pilgrimage and storytelling.  In doing so, we may discover landmarks and signposts for our own journeys. Includes a day trip to Holy Island on Saturday.

Life at the Edge of Empire

3rd Apr - 5th Apr 2020, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £130

This retreat is for those asking, ‘how do we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?’ and ‘how then shall we live?’ whilst living at the edge of ‘empire’. The empire is the system that we are part of, yet which we often feel alienated from. We will explore how to live faithfully within the […]

Easter Workshop (Thursday pm – Monday am)

9th Apr - 13th Apr 2020, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £260

Easter has always been a special time for the Community to gather. The Easter narrative draws us into Christ’s life, death & resurrection. He gives us ‐ individually and as a Community ‐ our identity, our life and our future.   This is a time for all of us to explore our journey of faith and […]

Celtic Sites And Saints

11th May - 14th May 2020, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £195

A chance to journey with the Celtic Saints whose spirituality and witness not only served the renewal of the Church but shaped culture in their own day and beyond. The example of Aidan, Cuthbert, Oswald, Hild and many others has inspired the Northumbria Community and provided a foundation for our Way for Living. This retreat […]