Spiritual Development

Camper Van of Dreams

29th Mar - 31st Mar 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

A retreat exploring your dreams and vocation, centred around a genuine 1970’s VW camper Van! This retreat is an opportunity to explore the person God has made you to be and the dreams (or vocation) that he has placed in you. There will be time to acknowledge the ‘dreamsnatchers’ that frustrate our dreams. And the “Camper Van of Dreams” will provide […]

Lenten Journey

1st Apr - 4th Apr 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

A led retreat which offers time and space to reflect on your own journey with Christ during this season of Lent.

Easter Workshop

18th Apr - 22nd Apr 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

Easter has always been a special time for the Community to gather. The Easter narrative draws us into Christ’s life, death & resurrection. He gives us ‐ individually and as a Community ‐ our identity, our life and our future.   This is a time for all of us to explore our journey of faith and […]

Contemplative Awareness

10th May - 12th May 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

A led retreat that explores embracing of a way of life that is open to finding God in all things and all things in God. We’ll draw on the wisdom of Celtic Spirituality to help us learn to see the simplest of daily tasks as a sacrament. We will explore aspects of contemplative life and […]

Through the Year with Charles Wesley

14th Jun - 16th Jun 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

In this retreat, we will be using the hymns and life of Charles Wesley as a doorway to prayer, as a way to deepen our faith and relationship to God.  Charles Wesley (not to be confused with his brother John) was a fine poet and wrote well over 7000 hymns and poems, many of which […]

For Where Your Treasure Is, There Your Heart Will Be Also

17th Jun - 20th Jun 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

This retreat will focus on trust as a key aspect of our faith journeys.  We’ll be using a creative project to help us consider what trust means for us and in what/whom we put our trust.  So, the retreat will combine times of led reflection, creative exploration, and time alone with God.

Introduction to Ignatian Prayer

5th Jul - 7th Jul 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

Come and explore new ways of praying including the imaginative contemplation of a gospel passage and a way to reflect on our day with the examen prayer. Ignatian spirituality can help us to pay more attention to God, and help us understand and identify His actions in our lives. The weekend will be practical and […]

The Courage of Vulnerability

15th Jul - 18th Jul 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

Vulnerability is the core, the heart, the centre of meaningful human experiences…. It is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability and authenticity.  If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.  ~Brené Brown […]

The Seven Sacred Spaces

19th Jul - 21st Jul 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

The monastic tradition, as lived out through its diverse buildings, offers us a lens to glimpse a richer way ‘to be church’ as well as insights into quality community and even the nature of being human.  Come and explore what are called The Seven Sacred Spaces in a setting that offers windows into all of them.

Soul Friendship and the Gift of Listening

2nd Sep - 5th Sep 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

An opportunity for Companions, Friends and others to share what ‘Soul Friendship’ means for each of us. Following the example of ‘good ones of old’ (Jesus, Desert Fathers and Mothers, Celtic saints, Medieval mystics), we will reflect on the meaning of spiritual friendship, listening, accompaniment and direction in our own lives and within the Northumbria […]