Northumbria Community Trust Safeguarding Policy


(Updated June 2021)

Please find below a policy statement and a link to our Safeguarding Policy document; an overview of who has key responsibilities for safeguarding within the organisation and a link to an introductory safeguarding presentation, intended for anyone who has a role in the Northumbria Community that requires a slightly more detailed overview about safeguarding children and adults.

Policy Statement

This Policy Statement is reviewed annually, by the Trustees of the Northumbria Community Trust (“the Trust”), and is applicable to all the activities of the Trust.

As a worldwide community we recognise the varied safeguarding requirements of different countries and it is essential that the Community in its various forms across the world comply with the law and best practice guidance of their own country. However, the expectation is that although this Policy and Practice Guidance is written in the context of UK law, it will generally be followed unless the law of the country concerned requires otherwise.

This is a policy covering both children and adults. Following UK law, a child is someone up to 18 years of age, including an unborn child, and therefore an adult is anyone 18 years of age and over.

As Companions and Friends of Northumbria Community we commit ourselves to care for one another safely. We recognize that chosen vulnerability is part of the example of Christ to us, and we embrace this through our commitment to our Rule of Life. However, we also recognise that everyone has different levels of vulnerability and that each of us may be at risk at some time in our lives through a vulnerability that we have not chosen. We therefore commit ourselves to:

  • the safeguarding of people who may be at risk, ensuring their well-being in the life of this community.
  • promoting safe practice by those in positions of trust.
  • promoting the inclusion and empowerment of people who may be at risk.
  • recruit safely following the recognised procedures
  • supporting, resourcing, training and regularly reviewing those who hold positions of leadership within the Community.
  • always put the protection and safety of children and adults before apparent protection of the reputation of the Community.
  • preventing all types of abuse
  • reporting any abuse that we discover or suspect in the appropriate way.

The Trust will work closely with the Christian denominations and will update our policy and guidance in line with their best practice.

The following Safeguarding Team is appointed to undertake specified roles as detailed in this policy:

Designated Leadership Team Member for Safeguarding: Sarah Hay

Designated Trustee for Safeguarding: Rob Packham

Mother House Responsible Persons: Catherine Askew

Community Group Responsible Persons will be the appropriate Community Group Leader(s)

An appropriate Responsible Person will be appointed for each Community activity (e.g. Community Team, Gathering).

We are also supported in our Safeguarding policy and procedures by both Newcastle Diocese and thirtyone:eight

More details about how the Community are putting this commitment into practice are detailed in the fuller Safeguarding Policy and Practice Guidance document which is available HERE

 An Introductory Safeguarding Presentation

Paul Langley, our Safeguarding Lead, has  put a presentation together to make sure that anyone who has a role in the Community – e.g. as a Community Group Leader – has access to some basic information regarding our safeguarding responsibilities.

We’re aware that many people access training through their own churches or organisations, which we recognise and accept, and it is not intended for this to replace that training, but to ensure those who don’t have access anywhere else do so. It can also provide a refresher for those who have previously attended appropriate training.

The safeguarding presentation can be accessed from HERE.

(Please note that you will need to obtain a password from Paul, directly, to access the materials, and details of that can be found via the presentation link.)