Northumbria Community Trust Safeguarding Policy


(Updated March 2023)

Please find below:

  • a policy statement and a link to our Safeguarding Policy document;
  • an overview of who has key responsibilities for safeguarding within the organisation.

Policy Statement

This Policy Statement is reviewed annually, by the Trustees of the Northumbria Community Trust (“the Trust”) and is applicable to all the activities of the Trust.

As a worldwide community we recognise the varied safeguarding requirements of different countries and it is essential that the Community in its various forms across the world comply with the law and best practice guidance of their own country. However, the expectation is that although this Policy and Practice Guidance is written in the context of UK law, it will generally be followed unless the law of the country concerned requires otherwise.

This is a policy covering both children and adults. Following UK law, a child is someone up to 18 years of age, including an unborn child, and therefore an adult is anyone 18 years of age and over. In Scotland, an adult is anyone over the age of 16.

As Companions and Friends of Northumbria Community, we commit ourselves to care for one another safely. We recognise that chosen vulnerability is part of the example of Christ to us, and we embrace this through our commitment to our Rule of Life. However, we also recognise that everyone has different levels of vulnerability and that each of us may be at risk at some time in our lives, through a vulnerability that we have not chosen.

We therefore commit ourselves to:

  • Safeguarding people who may be at risk, ensuring their well-being in the life of this community.
  • Promoting safe practice by all those in positions of trust and specifically, people undertaking leadership tasks on behalf of the Northumbria Community.
  • Ensuring inclusion and empowerment of all people who may be at risk.
  • Recruiting safely and transparently through adhering to policy and procedure
  • Providing those accountable for leadership roles across the Community with opportunities for regular review through mentorship and support, appropriate resourcing, training, and opportunities for update.
  • Prioritising protection and safety of adults and children over the reputation of the Community.
  • Actively planning to anticipate and prevent any abuse.
  • Reporting any abuse that we discover or suspect in the appropriate way.

In addition to the above, as a community that welcomes all, we commit ourselves to supporting those who are known to be a risk. Our aim is to allow everyone to engage safely in the life of the Community as fully as possible, and to support each individual in their spiritual journey.

The Trust will work closely with the Christian denominations and will update our policy and guidance in line with their best practice.

The Safeguarding Team:

Responsible person

  • Designated Safeguarding Trustee – Robert Packham
  • Community Safeguarding Lead – Catherine Askew
  • Mother House Safeguarding Lead – Catherine Askew
  • Dispersed Community Safeguarding Lead – Sarah Pillar
  • Community Group – Community Group Leader
  • Community Activity – Appointed for each Community Team or Gathering

(See Appendix 5 of the policy for descriptions of each role)

An appropriate Responsible Person will be appointed for each Community activity (e.g. Community Team, Gathering).

We are also supported in our Safeguarding policy and procedures by both Newcastle Diocese and thirtyone:eight

More details about how the Community are putting this commitment into practice are detailed in the fuller 2023 Safeguarding Policy and Practice Guidance