Engaging with Culture

Our Community is an exploration alone and together of our calling to a monastic, missional way of life that leads to an engagement with the world and the challenge to live in obedience to Christ and His Kingdom in a post-Christendom society, that brings hope to the world.

Joining the Suffering God

Charles Ringma, a Companion in Community from Brisbane, shares his thinking and experiences of suffering. Joining the Suffering God    If ever there was a topic that is common to all humanity, it is the theme of suffering. We have all suffered and continue to suffer in various ways. Suffering is part of the human […]

God’s Heart for the Poor

Charles Ringma, a Companion in Community from Brisbane, shares an article he wrote for a Tearfund conference in Queensland in May 2013.   G o d ‘ s   H e a r t   f o r   t h e   P o o r It is possible to conclude this lecture in one sentence: God has […]

Northumbria Community in an age of cultural change and the decline of Christendom

In the following reflection, Joshua Searle considers the emergence of the Northumbria Community against a backdrop of major cultural change and the decline of Christianity as a religious institution. He reflects on how the history of the Community has shaped its values and approach to mission. The monastic tradition, which the Northumbria Community is seeking […]

Included and Involved

At a recent enabling church conference organised by Churches for All (www.churchesforall.org.uk), working with Premier Radio, Roy Searle was asked to give the keynote address: Included and Involved Yesterday at this time I was on a sailing boat in the Scottish Hebrides …  As the crew assembled on Saturday last week, I used a very […]