Life Issues

Red Tent Women’s Retreat

9th Sep - 12th Sep 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

The idea of the ‘Red Tent’ is being adapted from its ancient use to one that provides a space for women today to come together to rest, replenish and connect. In this retreat, women of all ages and backgrounds are invited to share their lives, share their wisdom, share their laughter and share their sorrow, […]

Finding God in Who You are: An Exploration of Personality and Spirituality with the Help of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator

13th Sep - 15th Sep 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

This course is for people who are interested in making connections between personality and spirituality. There will be an opportunity to complete the MBTI questionnaire, if you haven’t done so before, and to talk it through in an individual session.  In the group we will think about themes like: ‘Finding God Within & Without’, ‘Finding […]

Rediscovering Sabbath

20th Sep - 22nd Sep 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

We live in a culture driven by constant activity and business. The thought of resting a whole day every week might even sound scary to us as we all are affected by the pressure to do and achieve. How can we learn to stop? What lies at the heart of God’s commandment and this ancient […]

Given for Life: Exploring Our Motivational Gifts

18th Oct - 20th Oct 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

Growing in knowledge of ourselves goes hand-in-hand with growing in knowledge of God. This retreat offers a well-tested and well-received tool for understanding our ‘motivational gift.’   What is it that motivates our personality, choices, and relationships with others?   The teaching draws from a book of the same title and is based on Romans 12:1-8, verses […]

Being With

1st Nov - 3rd Nov 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

In a world of ‘Doing’ – doing for and doing to – this retreat will take a look at the importance and power of ‘Being With’ … through friendship, through having an open table, through being good neighbours. How does ‘Availability and Vulnerability’ lead us to ‘being with’ God and others?

Blessing People and Places

4th Nov - 7th Nov 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

The God of blessing created us to be channels of blessing to people and places. The retreat will explore the means, disciplines and resources that help us to be people of benediction whoever we are and wherever we find ourselves.

Embracing Conflict

25th Nov - 28th Nov 2019, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

A chance to examine how you deal with life’s drama, and to learn from the example of Jesus. We’ll look at the gospels “through conflict lenses”, exploring the tensions that Jesus faced, and what it meant for him to embrace conflict. There will also be plenty of space for personal reflection and prayer. If you […]