Support the Community

We are often asked how people can support the life and work of the Northumbria Community. Here’s a few ways:


Chapel OutsideThe Community is rooted in prayer and we invite people to journey with us in prayerful support and intercession for our life and work.  Bringing the Community before God in individual prayer, as groups, communities and churches is much appreciated.  If you would like to receive a copy of our Prayer Guide please contact the Community Office. The Community Prayer Guide can help to inform you about people, places, issues and subjects for prayer. 

Time and gifts
Garden GromitWe are indebted to volunteers who give their time to support the Community in a variety of ways; many people have come for a week or two or longer on the House Team at Nether Springs and our Other Community Houses.  Other people help with proof reading, copy editing, etc. If you’d like further information about these opportunities to help, please email us at People offering their time, gifts and skills to the Community are much appreciated!



The Community is largely self-funding, that’s to say that most of our income is through gifts by regular giving or one off donations by individuals. We operate on very little reserves, which reminds us of our vulnerability, induces anxiety and our dependency upon God together with the generosity of people both within and beyond the Community.  By God’s grace and some very committed people, we are able to do a considerable amount of things, which is remarkable given the limited resources that we operate on. Our finances support and resource the Community in all its many expressions and initiatives, Nether Springs, our mother house, which reaches out and serves hundreds of people each year, those who work on behalf of the Community, teams reaching out and serving both the renewal of the church and sharing with many beyond the church.

Financial contributions, small or large, all make a difference.  You can make a significant contribution to the ongoing life and work of the Community by considering supporting us financially.

We are a registered charity and you can support us financially by any one of the following means:

 Thank you for your support

If you live in the USA, then we have specific information about the Northumbria Community in the USA.