Living with the unfulfilled expectations of others, or oneself, is so often a draining reality of full-time Christian Ministry. This can be exhausting. We’d like to offer you some space, in the context of a gentle rhythm of the day, to come and reconnect/check in with who you are. A precious time to not be in charge, a precious communion with your Maker, a holy rest…

We are deliberately restricting the number of people we take on this retreat so that everyone who comes can have a single occupancy, en-suite room, and an opportunity to speak to someone in confidence for individual guidance. A relaxing massage can also be arranged at £30 per session.
Our hope is that everyone who comes on this retreat will find Nether Springs a place of renewing refuge. For this to work we need to ask that you agree to two simple house rules: not to talk shop, and not to see other guests as opportunities for pastoral ministry. We think you’ll understand why we see this as necessary.

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