This is open to anyone who has a confident knowledge of what their MBTI personality type is and would like to take their understanding further.

The course will cover ‘Type Dynamics’; the following quotes articulate just what a helpful area of MBTI this is:

  • Type dynamics is the basic structure that opens the door to a three-dimensional and more accurate picture of each type. (Introduction to Type Dynamics & Development p1)
  • The richest understandings available from psychological type and the MBTI come through exploration of the dynamic interaction of all four preferences within one type: type dynamics. (Introduction to Type Isabel Myers Briggs p35)

The course will also apply this learning to further exploration of Christian spirituality, partly by touching on the themes of our lifelong journeys of development and the relationship between our conscious and our unconscious lives where, according to Jung, both our ‘Shadow’ and ‘True Self’ may be found.

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