Northumbria Community in the USA

Here are answers to some questions we are frequently asked concerning the Northumbria Community in the USA

1. What does the Northumbria Community ‘look like’ in the USA?

The quote from William Stringfellow best describes us – especially, “…visible here and there, now and then…” We are more of a network of friends and companions scattered across the country than a community who meets face to face. The prayers of the Daily Office and engagement with the Rule of Availability and Vulnerability hold us together. For most of us the Alone part of the journey is the norm – Together is the exceptional.

2.  Is there a Northumbria retreat house in the USA, like Nether Springs or the other Community Houses?

No.  Occasionally, we hold retreats that are either hosted by or held at other retreat facilities. Information about these retreats is sent out to the folks on our database.

3.  What is a Community group and is there one near me?

Community groups meet regularly to say the office, share fellowship and engage in discussion and or spiritual practices around our Rule. These groups are either led by or include Northumbria Companions – folks who have journeyed with the Community for a while and have a grasp of our Rule and ethos.

If you live in the Keene, NH area and would like to find out more about the group which meets there, please contact Bob and Anne at 802-436-1852 or by email at

4. Are there any Northumbria folks near me who I can contact and/or meet?

We are very careful with the contact information with which folks entrust us. Therefore, we do not give this out until we get to know you better! … And not until we have everyone’s permission.

5. I feel very drawn to the Northumbria Community. How can I pursue my interest and connection to the Community here in the US?

The best way to do this is to become a Friend of the Community and get on our database. Email the Community Office and ask for the introduction pack. Included in this e-mailing is our Prayer Guide (used with the Daily Office) and a database form which must be emailed back to the Community Office in order for you to be on our database.

*This can also be done through the regular mail however, you will be asked to help with the cost of postage. Be sure to include your mailing address. The Community’s address is:

Northumbria Community
Nether Springs, Croft Cottage
Acton Home Farm
Northumberland NE65 9NU

6. I have been using Celtic Daily Prayer for years and am feeling drawn toward becoming a Companion. Is it possible to enter the novitiate from the US?

Yes – but we do not have nearly the resources here in the US that are available in the UK so it will take persistence, patience and faith in the ‘right time’…

Again, the first step is to become a Friend (get on our database) and make yourself known to us.

7. Can I purchase Northumbria resources in the USA?

Our prayer book, Celtic Daily Prayer has been published in the US and is available through Amazon and some bookstores.  All of our other resources (CD’s, booklets, etc.) are published in the UK and from the US can only be purchased through the online shop on the website. They make it very easy, though!

8. Can I make donations to the Community with American dollars?

Yes – but please don’t send any American checks to the UK.  The Northumbria Community USA is an incorporated non-profit organization, registered with the State of New Hampshire and the IRS. We encourage donors to use our online giving platform HERE.

If giving online is not an option for you, we will continue to receive and process checks. Checks can be made out to Northumbria Community USA and sent to:

Northumbria Community USA
℅ Margene Vessel
1541 N Albert St
St Paul, MN 55108

All donations made in this way are fully tax-deductible. Funds in the NC-USA treasury are used to support the Mother House in the UK and any events we hold in the US.