Born in Yorkshire, Willibrord studied in Ireland and was ordained there. He returned to England, where he planned a mission to Frisia, now in the Netherlands and north-west Germany. He was based at Utrecht and later founded a monastery at Echternach, now in Luxembourg. A step-dance has persisted in Echternach in which the clergy participate. Willibrord was noted for his graciousness and joy, and for his faithful preaching. The inspiration for his mission and his life’s work was probably hearing Wilfrid (see October 12th) at Ripon reminiscing about his own time among the people of Frisia.

You, Lord, have called me to Yourself so that I may serve You. Guide me in my learning, in my service and in my leisure. Show me how I may share Your word and Your love in my life today with graciousness and joy. Amen.