Illtyd is probably the first Welsh Christian we can put a name to, but most of the accounts of the incidents in his life are not reliable. Nevertheless he was a major influence on Christianity in Wales. At one time he served as a soldier and he may have been married, but, influenced by Cadoc and/or Dyfrig, he became a monk and a hermit. Other men gathered round him and were his disciples. David (see March 1st), Samson, Gildas and Paul Aurelian (see March 12th) were among his students at Llantwit Major (in Welsh Llanilltyd Fawr) in Glamorgan. He is said to have disappeared without warning to become a hermit again. Some legends link him with Arthur or name him and Cadoc as keepers of the Grail.

Show me, Father, how I may fit into Your purposes for the wider world I live in, whether it be through my prayers, the words I say or how I listen, the giving of time, talent or treasure, the encouragement I give or the deeds I perform; then, Father, give me the willingness and the enthusiasm to do them. Amen.