Brigid Liturgy Feb 1st

Brigid – in welcoming  A Call to Recklessness You will find that the prayers take you round the house, beginning: AT THE DOORWAY, then in the LIVING ROOM. Next you move to the KITCHEN. There is a blessing to use in each BEDROOM, but special blessings to use as well in a single person’s room, […]

Saturday – The Patrick Compline

ff Patrick (389-461) was a Briton and a former slave in Ireland. He became the ‘Apostle to Ireland’, travelling widely, evangelizing tirelessly and organizing churches and monasteries. He established his episcopal seat in Armagh, which became the centre of Christianity in the whole of Ireland. Patrick was fearless in the pursuit of his aim: to […]

Friday – The Boisil Compline

Boisil, Prior of Melrose Abbey, died in 661. Bede described him as a ‘priest of great virtue and prophetic spirit.’ Boisil, on his first meeting with Cuthbert, who was to be his pupil, exclaimed, ‘Behold, the servant of the Lord!’ – recognizing the call of God on the young man’s life.If this Compline is being […]

Thursday – The Ebba Compline

ff Ebba was the sister of Oswald and Oswy, who were both kings of Northumbria. She was consecrated a nun by Aidan and founded the ‘double’ (i.e. there were both men and women there) monastery at Coldingham, situated on St Abbs’s Head (which was subsequently named after her). Ebba died in the year 683. Bede described her as a […]

Wednesday – The Felgild Compline

ff Felgild lived in the late seventh century. After Cuthbert died, Ethilwald took his place as hermit on the Inner Farne. Twelve years later, having never left the island, he also died. Felgild was the next hermit to come there, but the rigours of his life in the cell aggravated a swelling on his face. […]

Tuesday – The Cuthbert Compline

ff Cuthbert, a shepherd lad looking after his flock on the Lammermuir hills, had an angelic vision coinciding with the death of Aidan which convinced him that he was meant to follow Christ as surely as the beloved founder of Lindisfarne Abbey. He became a monk at Melrose Abbey, under the guidance of Boisil. Cuthbert […]

Monday – The Aidan Compline

ff Aidan came to Lindisfarne from Iona in the year 635 at the request of King Oswald. He was a man of deep prayer who meditated on the words of Scripture, equipping himself in quiet for an active and highly effective apostolate. He remained at Lindisfarne for 16 years. In 651, Aidan was taken ill at […]

Sunday – The Ita Compline

ff Ita, who died in about 570, was abbess of a women’s community in Killeedy, County Limerick in Ireland. She ran a school for boys where she taught: ff Faith in God with purity of heart; simplicity of life with religion; generosity with love. Among those schooled by Ita was Brendan, who honoured her as his foster-mother and adviser. The […]

How to use Complines

‘Shall we say Compline tonight?’  Compline is used in the Northumbria Community as an optional extra to the Daily Office, but brings a perfect end to the day. Many use it on a regular basis, usually just before retiring to bed. On retreats it can be used to bring time together to a close as […]

Evening Prayer

  Said or sung all together except for the sentences marked ‘Call’ which are for the Leader only. + indicates that you may make the sign of the cross. ff + In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen ff Opening sentences My soul waits for the […]