The Battle of Flodden, which took place on 9th September 1513, was one of the bloodiest in the history of Anglo-Scottish wars. Thousands were slaughtered in the space of a few hours, leaving a stain upon both nations. The battle fuelled hatred and resentment and its outcome was malediction. In a place that has known violence and warfare, we come now to pray for peace and benediction among communities and nations.

The Vigil will take place in a building that has now been designated as a Peace Church. We will pray for the many situations in the world today that are being torn apart by conflict and war.

A vigil is a way of expressing a visible commitment to peace in the world. This one is organised by the Northumbria Community which is leading a Peace and Reconciliation Pilgrimage, journeying from the places where the English and Scottish armies assembled before the Battle of Flodden. The pilgrims will be arriving at Crookham in preparation for the Solemn Commemoration Service on Tuesday 10th of September and will participate in the Vigil.

We warmly invite you to join us, friend and stranger, to share in the common purpose of praying for peace.

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