Big Life Begins colour

The Community will be at Greenbelt again this year and will be taking part in the Sanctuary Venue. We look forward to seeing you there…

Life Begins ….with Thanksgiving

Starting Greenbelt 2013 as we mean to go on.  Come for an all-age family welcome to the Festival hosted by the Northumbria Community. Bring your food and share hospitality with storytelling, song, liturgy and inclusive eucharist.

Friday 6pm-7:30pm

Life begins…with Simplicity…Evening Prayer

In simplicity and song, silence and stillness we share together the Northumbria Community Evening Prayer.

Friday 8:15-9pm

Life begins…with Rhythm

Exploring how we might create rhythm in our lives: prayer, stillness, reflection, work, play, song… Thinking about how liturgy can provide a framework for our day.  We shall aim to practice together some of what we preach…!

Friday 9:30-10:30pm

Life begins…with gratitude…Compline. Night Prayer

In stillness and simplicity we gather our day together and share the Northumbria Community Night Prayer.

Friday 11-11:45pm


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