For those of you still wishing to catch up with our Easter talks, liturgies and livestreams, please find them on Youtube in the playlist above.  Our main Easter hub is HERE.  

Celebrating St Cuthbert’s Day

As we celebrate St Cuthbert’s Day this year, we are pleased to be sharing an original poem by Colin Symes, telling the story of St Cuthbert, with images of Holy Island and other places connected with his life; a recording of the Cuthbert Compline and a compilation video of songs from the compline. The final […]

Antiphon Day – 17th December

Today, we invite you to join in with our Antiphon Walk across the Pilgrim’s Way, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland, UK, in every place where you are. You can also find the words of the antiphons in Celtic Daily Prayer Book One – from page 108. From 17th to 23rd December, we set our […]

Aidan’s Song

A beautiful song from Anna Raine – ‘Aidan’s Song’ – to accompany us as we remember the example of St Aidan (31st August). Through simply ‘being who he was’, and with a willing heart, Aidan brought a unique expression of Celtic Christian spirituality to the land of Northumbria and, as such, also became a key […]

The sea is so big and my boat is so small…

In September 2021, Catherine Askew, Sarah Hay and Sarah Pillar spent a few days with Kev Grimley and family at the Bethany Community, Leicestershire, to learn how to build a coracle… Brendan, and other Irish monks, would have set out in this kind of small, round boat to find their own ‘desert in the sea’, […]