Educated in the southern part of Ireland, Tuda was chosen as bishop to replace Colman (see February 18th) as bishop at Lindisfarne after the famous Synod of Whitby. So Tuda was bishop, and Eata (see October 26th) was abbot while continuing to serve as abbot of Melrose. We know from the later difficulties experienced by Cuthbert (see March 20th) that the reforms were not accepted easily, so it must have been a difficult appointment. Tuda was known as ‘a good and devout’ man, and might have done much to reconcile opposing factions; but it was just at this time that the plague struck, and he was one of the fatalities as it ravaged the whole land.
Father, loving Father, I place myself into Your hands for You to use me to fulfil Your own purposes. Help me to accept that I may not be famous, or even very effective; my life may be long, or tragically cut short. Show me that, whatever seeds are sown in other’s lives through me, they may be used by Your Spirit for blessing. Amen.