Owini was from a noble East Anglian family in and servant to Princess Etheldreda. The princess was briefly married to an old man, and then to a boy prince, Egfrith of Northumbria. When Egfrith divorced Etheldreda she joined her aunt Ebba at the monastery of Coldingham, and Owini joined the monastery at Lastingham under Chad. He journeyed there on foot, working his keep as he travelled. The journey was so difficult and dangerous that afterwards he set up wooden crosses along the route to serve as waymarks for pilgrims and travellers. At Lastingham he begged to work hard on the land, rather than study. He became Chad’s companion and biographer and followed him to Lichfield.

Our God, help us not to be afraid of hard work, providing we are sure that it is Your work that we do. Show us how we may faithfully support and help those You have placed into our care.  Guide us to leave signposts by our lives that will help, and not hinder, others as they journey in faith to their true destinations, given by You. Amen.