Mary was married to Joseph while she was carrying Jesus, who had been conceived within her by the Holy Spirit. When the angel announced to her that she would become the mother of the Lord’s anointed, Mary spoke the key words of obedience: ‘Let it be to me according to Your will.’

Mary thought deeply about all that happened at the time of Jesus’ birth. When He stayed behind in the Temple on His visit at the age of twelve, Mary and Joseph found Him asking questions of the teachers and answering their questions to Him. At the wedding in Cana, Mary spoke those other key words about Jesus: ‘Whatever He says to you, do it.

In spite of these things, Mary still went along with her family to try to persuade Jesus to return home and leave behind His ministry, believing Him to be deranged. Nevertheless, she followed closely all that Jesus was doing, and she was at the foot of the cross when Jesus was crucified. He entrusted her to the care of His beloved disciple, John (see December 27th), with whom she lived in Ephesus. Her tomb is located near to the present-day town of Selçuk.

Father God, as Mary carried Jesus in her body, bringing Him to birth in the world, so grant me to carry Him into the life of the world around me today. Show me how to respond to Your call and live according to Your will for Me. Whatever Jesus says, I commit myself do it with joyful obedience. Amen.