Born at Poitiers of pagan parents, Hilary married and had a daughter. In 350 he became a Christian through a long process of study. In 353 he was made a bishop, and subsequently became famous as a teacher. Martin of Tours (see November 11th) became his disciple. Hilary contested strongly against the Arian heresy, which held that Jesus was not co-equal and co-eternal with God the Father, and that the Holy Spirit was subservient to them both. As fashions and power bases changed, Hilary was alternately mocked or applauded. He was a fearless role model for Martin.

Convert me, Lord, to Your ways if I do not know You, and if I do not walk in Your ways as I should. Reveal Your purpose to me for my life, that I may do the work You have for me. Teach me Your truth and give me courage to stand up for it, regardless of the fashion of the times, and, by Your grace, may I be a good example to others. Amen.