Finan, an Irish monk of Iona, was Aidan’s (see August 31st) successor as bishop at Lindisfarne, serving for ten years from 651. He built a wooden church on Holy Island, covered with the long strands of marram grass which grow there on the sand dunes. With a strong base now established he worked closely with King Oswin (see August 20th), and in his day came the great missionary expansion throughout England. Missionaries were sent to the Saxons of Mercia and Essex, and to other parts of the land. Bede (see May 27th) commended him for his great virtue, humility, love of poverty and diligence in the work of the church.

What may I do for You and Your kingdom, dear Lord? Give me Your insight to know my part in Your missionary plan, and Your diligence to see the work through. Above all, whatever I may do, may I reveal Your love to all those around me; in Jesus’ name. Amen.