St_ElfledaDaughter of Eanfleda (see November 23rd) and Oswy, Elfleda was consecrated to God from infancy in thanksgiving for Oswy’s victory in battle over Penda of Mercia in 654. She was given into the care of Hild at Hartlepool. Eventually she became joint-abbess at Whitby with her mother Eanfleda. A friend of Cuthbert (see March 20th), she met with him on Coquet Island to ask for his insights. She was also mediator and advocate on behalf of Wilfrid (see October 12th), and is described by Eddius Stephanus as ‘comforter, and best counsellor of the whole province.’

Holy Spirit, Comforter and Counsellor, teach me Your ways and Your truth, so that I may comfort and counsel any who come to seek my help and encouragement with the same comfort and counsel that come from the heart of God Himself. Amen.