Today we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. The King of kings becomes a servant. The Lord of creation is laid in a cattle stall. The great Shepherd of the sheep is visited by humble shepherds. The embodiment of Wisdom is worshipped by eastern sages. The Prince of Peace is about to be plunged into conflict, the Son of Heaven to become a homeless refugee. God Himself pitches His tent among us and we will turn our backs on Him, deny and betray Him, and send Him to His death. But to those who receive Him He gives the right to be called ‘children of God’.

Let us welcome our brother, let us walk beside Him on His journey, suffer with Him, be angry with Him, share His compassion, and triumph with Him. For today is born Emmanuel – God with us: God with us forever!

I welcome You, Jesus, my brother, my dearest Friend, my King. I fold You to my breast, as Mary folded You to hers, not that I may feed You, but that You may feed me and I may grow in all that is good and true and right. Come to my heart, Emmanuel; God be with me forever. Amen.