Better known as Holy Saturday or Easter Saturday, Silent Saturday is a pertinent name for the day after Good Friday, when the disciples of Jesus were quietly waiting, partly in fear, very much in confusion, to see what would happen next. From the Gospel accounts it seems that they had forgotten, or chosen to ignore, Jesus’ predictions of His resurrection. There was nothing to hope for now, and they were afraid that the same authorities who had arrested and crucified Jesus would be coming for them as well. There was no reason to stay, and yet they seemed totally unable to leave Jerusalem. Ironically, only the priests and leaders of the people remembered Jesus’ words, stirring them alone into action to prevent Jesus from rising from the dead. If Jesus were to rise, their position would become far more difficult. So they went to Pilate, the Roman Governor, to ask for the tomb to be made secure, and Pilate gave them authority to use their own Temple Guard, who sealed the stone in the entrance to the tomb and mounted a guard to watch it. It seemed that for the disciples all hope was gone.

What can I say to you today, Lord? I am lost, confused, sad – even lonely. The dark clouds have gathered, and they don’t show any sign of going away. I feel a strange hopelessness, taking the place of a buoyant optimism – all will be well, when He triumphs. It’s impossible to feel that now, but, Father, hold on to me and let me see the future which You are planning. Amen.