The following books and CDs are a small selection of resources recommended for those seeking to understand something of the ethos and spirituality that continues to inform and inspire the vision and vocation of the Northumbria Community.  Not many of the books can be described as light reading but all of them will repay careful, prayerful study.

Title  Author Publisher
 Celtic Daily Prayer  Northumbria Community  Collins
 How then shall we live Booklets  Northumbria Community  Northumbria Community
 Reaching Out  Henri Nouwen  DLT
 The Way of the Heart  Henri Nouwen  DLT
 Seven Sacred Spaces: Expressing Community life in Christ  George Lings  Encounters on the Edge  No. 43
 Streams of Living Water  Richard Foster  HarperCollins
 Poustinia  Catherine de Hueck Doherty  Madonna House
 The Celtic Way of Prayer  Esther De Waal  Hodder & Stoughton
 The Wisdom of the Desert  Thomas Merton  Sheldon Press
 Community & Growth  Jean Vanier  DLT
 Given for Life  Andy Raine  Kevin Mayhew
 Matching Monastery & Mission  George Lings  Encounters on the Edge No 29
 Naked Spirituality  Brian McClaren  Hodder & Stoughton
 Life Together  Dietrich Bonhöeffer  SCM
 A Churchless Faith  Alan Jamieson  SPCK
 Exiles: Living Missionally in a post Christian Culture  Michael Frost  Hendrikson
 Cave, Refectory, Road  Ian Admas  Canterbury Press
 Listening to the Heartbeat of God  J Phillip Newell  SPCK
 Don’t Forgive too Soon  Dennis Linn  Paulist Press
 An Altar in the World  Barbara Brown Taylor  Canterbury Press
 Lost Treasures of Celtic Spirituality CD  Roy Searle and Duncan MacLean  Northumbria Community
 Northumbrian Spirituality for Our Lives Today CD  Roy Searle  Northumbria Community
 The Heart Alone with God CD  Trevor Miller  Northumbria Community