The iconic Lindisfarne Gospels will be returning to their homeland with a display at The Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle from 17 September until 3 December 2022.

To mark and celebrate this occasion, a challenging 130 mile journey will be undertaken with pilgrims carrying a replica of St Cuthbert’s Coffin containing facsimiles of the Lindisfarne Gospels and Cuthbert’s Gospel of John from the River Tees to Lindisfarne itself.

David Pott, a Companion in Community, is leading this pilgrimage (Monday 12 September – Saturday 24 September) and one of our Overseers Sarah Hay is part of the core team of seven coffin-bearers / gospel carriers. Others are welcome to join the pilgrimage walk with the group and there are three joining points across each day.

The final day of the pilgrimage will be celebrated with a concert in St Mary’s Church, Lindisfarne. Alana Levandoski is a contemplative folk songwriter from Canada and a graduate of Richard Rohr’s Living School for Action and Contemplation. The distinguished poet Malcolm Guite will also be taking part.