Our new Monday to Friday retreats (or occasionally Friday to Monday) involve both inner pilgrimage – a journey of inner work, silence, study, peace and rest and an opportunity for the ‘Heart alone with God’ staying full-board in an ensuite room – and outer pilgrimage. We have been working on resources to help those on retreat with their own transportation to explore the rich Christian heritage of Northumbria through outer, physical pilgrimage to nearby Celtic Sites. The Nether Springs Chapel, Poustinia, Labyrinth, gardens and woods and local country and coastal walks are available to all guests and provide time with God in Creation and space for the inner-outer pilgrimage as well.

Please note that the format of these retreats will be very different to the ones we were able to operate before the pandemic. One specific difference is that our main prayers will either take place outside or ‘alone together online’ in individual guest rooms and will be both weather and government-guideline dependent. Additionally, we will ‘hold the silence’ at all mealtimes,  but we anticipate that it will be possible to create spatially distanced outdoor spaces to enable social interaction where these can be safely managed.

To learn more and book: CLICK HERE

Suggested Donation: Many retreatants welcome a suggestion as to what might be an appropriate donation. This is always a difficult question to answer. However, for your guidance, the suggested donation is £200 – £250 per person for a Monday to Friday retreat (4 nights); £150 – £190 Friday to Monday (3 nights). We have found that if everyone gives as they are able, in the end, there is enough to sustain the ongoing life of the Northumbria Community.


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