We weave this day

peace of being,

gift of loving,

power of meeting.

~by Ray Simon and adapted by Andy Raine

Fleece Rug RetreatUsing a simple peg loom, retreatants will weave their own sheep’s fleece rug, creating something warm and beautiful to go home with as winter approaches.

No experience necessary. Peg looms and wool from local sheep (in different browns, creams, and whites) provided. Feel free to bring some fabric or strips of cloth from a special item or of a favourite colour to weave into your rug.

The act of weaving this rug will be a simple monotonous task, leaving the mind clear to think on other things. We’ll weave to music perhaps, or quiet talking, or silence. Some might even consider their creation as prayer rug, filled with your prayers and given as a gift or used in your own prayer space. Regardless, you will have space to have your own thoughts as you weave, and space to consider how the different strands of your own life are being woven together.


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