From the Leadership

The sea is so big and my boat is so small…

In September 2021, Catherine Askew, Sarah Hay and Sarah Pillar spent a few days with Kev Grimley and family at the Bethany Community, Leicestershire, to learn how to build a coracle… Brendan, and other Irish monks, would have set out in this kind of small, round boat to find their own ‘desert in the sea’, […]


Recorded specially for St Brendan’s Day – 16th May, 2022 – The Story of Brendan the Fisherman is taken from an unpublished book ‘Field of the Saints’ by Clare and Ant Grimley and read by their daughter, Katie. We invite you to join in with St Brendan’s Day, which you can do by following this […]

Easter 2022 – A Welcome and Introduction from the Overseers

Catherine Askew, Sarah Hay and Sarah Pillar introduce the key themes and provide orientation for the Easter 2022 journey with the Northumbria Community. Please note that the pathways that are referred to have been emailed out to all of the Companions, Novices and Friends on our Northumbria Community database. However, even if you are not […]