Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation describes the process of ‘forming’ or ‘shaping’ the life and character of the Christian disciple into Christlikeness. It is an intentional inner journey towards deepening faith and spiritual growth using spiritual disciplines as active participants with God, ‘until Christ is formed in us’.

Christ of the Mysteries, can I trust you?

Pete Askew writes : Wendell Berry once said, “It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work…and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey”. It seems to me that this is at the heart of spiritual growth. […]

Principles of Retreat

An article by Trevor Miller outlining some basic lessons of Retreat. Retreat reminds us that in order to be alive to God and stay alive to God on the inner journey of faith, we need to continually embrace the vulnerability of being teachable. It’s no coincidence that ‘disciple’ lit. means learner. We all have ‘L […]

Practise Runs

A transcript of a retreat talk given by Trevor Miller. Some years ago now I spent almost nine years in prison. I might add that I was a member of staff. One of the key areas always being emphasised was that of knowing the contingency plans. That is, to know what to do in the […]

A Day at a Time

A reflection by Trevor Miller. One of the many sayings of the Desert Fathers that are so profoundly simple that they are simply profound is this one, ‘Abba Poeman said about Abba Prior that every single day he made a fresh beginning.’ At its heart is the proven wisdom of both Scripture and Tradition that […]

Listening to God

A transcript of a retreat talk given by Trevor Miller. President FD Roosevelt got tired of the many White House receptions where all he did was smile his famous big smile and utter the usual banalities to the awed guests. One day he decided to find out whether anybody was listening and paying attention to […]

The Heart of Vocation

A transcript of a retreat talk given by Trevor Miller. One of God’s gifts to us as a Community is that we are all so very different – each of us a wonderfully complex mix of personhood, identity, giftedness, creativity, personality, and temperament. This is expressed in the context of the various roles, responsibilities and […]

Mulling over the Questions

An article written by Trevor Miller for Quiet Spaces.   ‘Can you tell me a little about yourselves? What is the Northumbria Community?’ These and many like them are frequently asked questions, which are not always easy to answer; not least because the Northumbria Community describes a network of people, hugely diverse, from different backgrounds, […]