For the Summer months a member of the South Yorkshire group has recommended The Dorchadas Trilogy’. Whether you are jetting off somewhere or having a ‘staycation’, these great books could be just the ticket to a wonderful holiday – without too many wet afternoons – hopefully!


This delightful set of 3 books is so well conceived and written that it has been a compulsive ‘must read a chapter today’ habit for this autumn season.They are set mainly in the delightful, tangential culture of SW Ireland, with it’s long history of Christian saints, and lasting closely knit and still functioning community, where the less usual seems more likely to happen.The well known author on things Celtic, Revd Michael Mitton, uses a fictional story, a troubled vicar and a ‘more than human ‘ central figure to explore themes of love, loss, suffering doubt, redemption and change in an intriguingly creative and unique way.Michael is such a skilful story-teller that the reader does not realize that they are doing serious theological and personal spiritual transformative work, whilst the reader is sipping a cup of tea by the fireside on a wet afternoon in England!These 3 books are ‘page-turners’ and yet an unexpectedly absorbing, honest, seriously meaningful read. 


All are now available from the Community Shop.