This week’s reflection is a special blessing from the leadership of the Northumbria Community for such a time as this. It is taken from the end of our Small Boat, Great Big Sea Communion Liturgy (see also the ‘Come and See’ Wednesday prayers from this week)

When you no longer know how to be,
may the Father take you on your deeper journey.
When you no longer know what to do,
may the Spirit reveal to you your fitting task.
When all feels lost or foreign
may you know your home in Christ.

On the path that is before you,
may you have companions for the journey,
may you find Christ in the stranger
and may you know the love and blessing of God.

The music to go with this blessing is now available HERE

Filmed and recorded on location, in ‘lockdown,’ in Evesham, Alnwick and Beaurepaire Priory, Durham in May 2020.