How are your feet today? A curious question.

Are they beautiful?

There must be irony in the statement ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’ The way we use our feet to walk says a lot about who we are as does who we walk with.
Friday 2nd March is the feast day of Chad and as a Community we walked with this humble and gentle saint during Easter 2018.

Chad lived at a pivotal point in the mid-7th century, his story sitting at the end of the era of the Celtic Church. He lived through many points of change beginning as a young boy being deposited, along with his three older brothers, into Aidan’s care on Lindisfarne. From Aidan, Chad learnt to walk with compassion alongside others – as an encourager, a teacher, a leader, a friend and brother. The challenge he faced was to remain obedient in all seasons of change, whether full or empty, rejoicing or grieving. He taught and lived on the edges of borders, of orthodoxy, and of life and death.

Chad will be our companion and our guide as we approach Easter. We shall revisit how Jesus’ disciples were the most radically changed and transformed through his words and actions in the last few days of his life and upon the day of his resurrection. The way the disciples and Chad were shaped as they followed Christ will help us find Life amidst change.

The Easter Resource Materials have been put together by a group of 14 Companions and Friends of Community, sharing their different experiences and creativity. There is material for us to use as individuals, in small groups and in larger gatherings. There are ideas for adults and children…… and they will of course involve your beautiful feet. The material may also be useful for community groups at a later stage of the year, please do let us know if you would like a copy emailed to you.

So, Happy Chad’s Day, and may your feet be beautiful and blessed today as you follow the other gentle Christ.