Henri Nouwen was a Dutch Catholic priest and Professor of Psychology at both Yale and Harvard Universities in the United States of America. He became a living example of ‘downward mobility’ and Christlikeness. Making himself of no reputation, he left the public eye to work ‘as a priest for the poor’ in both Latin America and in L’Arche Daybreak Community in Canada. He was a ‘wounded healer’, whose restless seeking for God has left a legacy to the world through his prolific writings on the spirituality of brokenness and vulnerability.

Our suggested prayer for today is based on words of Henri Nouwen:

Lord Jesus, my Saviour, Your hands and feet are marked with the wounds of Your crucifixion. In Your risen body, Your wounds have not been taken away, but are part of Your glory. May they remind me that my own wounds are not roadblocks on the way to the Father, but are there to show me my own unique way to follow You, the suffering Christ. Assure me that my wounds, too, will be glorified in my own resurrected life. Amen.