Fifty days after Easter comes Pentecost, or Whitsun as it was commonly known. It is often called the birthday of the Church, as it commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit upon all the disciples assembled in Jerusalem, recounted in Acts chapter 2. As a result of Peter’s preaching to the crowds about 3,000 people became followers of Christ that day. For the Jews in Israel in those days it was the early harvest, a foretaste of what would hopefully come, in greater abundance, later in the year. In the same way, the first Day of Pentecost for the disciples was a foretaste of what would come as the Gospel spread through the world, and even more people experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit.

As Christians today we are called to seek the fullness of the Holy Spirit ourselves, not for our own sakes, but so that we may play our part in the mission of Christ in our world. We are called to seek the Spirit’s inspiration and guidance in our worship and devotional life so that God may empower us to serve His Kingdom. We are called to discern the gifts the Holy Spirit has placed in our personalities, so that we may work to develop those gifts and use them for the blessing and life enrichment of others. There may also be other gifts, which come directly from the Holy Spirit, which God would like us to seek and ask for in prayer. Paul the Apostle outlines these mainly in his letters to the Romans and the Corinthians.

Holy Spirit, You are the empowerer, the giver of gifts, the One who guides our service for the Kingdom of God. Show us the right path and grant us the desire to be filled by You with all the power and resources that we need to bring praise to our God. Amen.