Felfild lived in the late seventh century. We have no record of his day of death or any feast day, but remember him with Ethilwald (also March 23rd), whom he followed as a hermit on the Inner Farne. The rigours of his life aggravated a swelling on his face, threatening his continuance in the solitary life. The condition was suddenly healed, but we have no information about how this happened, and he continued his life as a hermit. Like Cuthbert (se March 20th) and Ethilwald before him, he battled against the powers of evil and was devoted to prayer.

Your power to heal, O Lord God, is both great and mysterious. We don’t understand why some people are healed and others aren’t. We do know that, whether we are in good health or struggling with illness and disability, You desire to use us in Your fight against all that is evil, especially through the power of prayer. Keep us faithful and strong in Christ, dear Father. Amen.