This Monday – Friday retreat will allow for space at Nether Springs to be with God in the cell of your own heart (and en suite room!) for the inner-pilgrimage.  Also, we will provide resources to help those on retreat with their own transportation to explore the rich Christian heritage of Northumbria through outer, physical pilgrimage to nearby Celtic Sites.  The Nether Springs Chapel, Poustinia, Labyrinth, gardens and woods and local country and coastal walks are available to all guests and provide time with God in Creation and space for the inner-outer pilgrimage as well.

  • Although we will obviously miss the robust (and sometimes even rowdy!) communal experience at Nether Springs, for the time being Nether Springs will be a quiet house.  Reducing talking in an indoor environment reduces spread of virus.
  • Retreats must begin from Monday only for a minimum of 2 nights. Guests will be given a time for booking in to keep social distancing.
  • Each room is en suite and will include drink-making facilities, comfy seats and desk.
  • We cannot facilitate groups due to social distancing, but members of the same household can share a room / dining table.
  • Guests are encouraged to sit (stand, dance, kneel, rest, etc.) in their own rooms instead of in the common rooms of Nether Springs.  Guests are also encouraged to make full use of the prayer-soaked gardens, woodland and amazing gifts of Northumberland.
  • The common rooms will be used for meals in order to comply with social distancing.
  • Sadly, we will not be able to gather for our prayer offices indoors in Caedmon or the Chapel, but we shall ring the bells and keep a common rhythm of prayer on-site.  A prayer booklet will be in your room as well as a Bible and copies of Celtic Daily Prayer 1 & 2.  For those who are interested and can bring their own devices, we are also exploring being able to offer free wi-fi in each room, so as to connect for prayer offices online.


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