We are delighted that our full year’s programme for Nether Springs is now available, and that our online programme is being updated alongside, through to December 2023.

Nether Springs

We are pleased to be updating and releasing our overview of retreats and other activities across the Northumbria Community through to December 2023. The last few years have brought several learnings about what our programme could look like and, we are excited to develop it online, at Nether Springs and in person across Dispersed Community, with grateful hearts, in response to God’s leading and ongoing feedback from the many who have continued to support who we are and what we do.

It is a particular joy to be offering a wider programme at Nether Springs in 2023. Alongside our regular, Inner Outer Pilgrimage retreats there is an expanded series of led retreats; monthly, themed individually guided retreats and Companions, Novices and Friends events.


January to December 2023

Over the past two years, we have been learning the value of offering ‘joining in’ spaces online and, in particular, of creating retreats that are held within the rhythm of our prayers, with a Welcome and Hospitality team alongside any input.  Again and again, people have commented on how these spaces have helped them to connect with the Northumbria Community and created a ‘sense of home’, especially where geographical distance has meant that visiting Nether Springs has been difficult, or, indeed, totally out of the question.

We will continue to offer Community Introductions online as well as the occasional Individually Guided or Led retreat. Alongside these, we will also run several ‘short courses’ – e.g. seasonal ones for New Year, Lent and Advent; Seven Sacred Spaces  and the popular Creative Saturday mornings, where you will be invited to stop, listen, reflect and pray.