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Easter Resource for 2015

We have the latest in the series of wonderful materials created for us by Anita Haigh, which can be used around Easter weekend itself and also as material for Community Groups and for reflection at any time of the year. This year’s book is called ‘Journeying with Brigid’ and is an excellent resource not only […]

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Easter Gatherings 2015

The ‘Easter Workshop’ gatherings have always been important annual events in the life of the Northumbria Community. At these ‘schools of creativity’, we have been able to express our togetherness and to listen to and learn from each other. The Community’s expansion across continents presents us with both amazing opportunities and challenges. How do we […]

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Post Scottish Referendum

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you who engaged in prayer about the Scottish independence referendum, whether through the 40 days of prayer in the referendum prayer guide, by joining us in Edinburgh and Linlithgow or simply by holding the situation before God in your own way and your own home. […]

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Flag Up Scotland Jamaica Launch

David Pott, Companion of the Community, who lives with his wife Pam on the Isle of Arran has been very involved in prayer walks and peace and reconciliation initiatives.  He has recently been involved in a project to highlight and build upon the special connections between the two nations of Scotland and Jamaica.    Click […]

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Easter Resources – Journeying with Caedmon

Here is an excellent Community resource, enabling us to Journey with  Caedmon over this Easter period.  We’re using the Caedmon liturgy as a focus for reflection and discussion, and to stimulate our creativity. Many Community Friends & Companions have contributed poems, songs, and other creative ideas to help us in our exploration. Please do download and […]

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The Jesse Tree is now available as a resource for Advent

Create Your own Jesse Tree at home this Advent with this delightful and richly rewarding resource for individuals, families and churches. Originally published in Celtic Daily Readings (now out of print), this month of readings is presented as an A5 booklet beautifully illustrated with newly commissioned drawings by Francesca Ross, and accompanied by a set of 31 double-sided card ornaments, […]

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Resources update July 2013

We now have a new set of prayer cards available, featuring prayers from the ‘In Difficult Times’ section of Celtic Daily Prayer. The inspiration for this set of cards came from a prison chaplain who had been finding these prayers particularly meaningful in his work with the prison community. After using the cards for a few weeks, I was encouraged to […]

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