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Chrysalis: The Hidden Transformation in the Journey of Faith

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Chrysalis: The Hidden Transformation in the Journey of Faith uses the life-cycle of butterflies as a metaphor for the faith journey that many contemporary people are experiencing. Increasing numbers of Christian people find their faith metamorphosing beyond the standard images and forms of Christian faith but questions about where this may lead remain. Is this the death of personal faith or the emergence of something new? Could it be a journey that is Spirit-led? Drawing on the three principal phases of a butterfly’s life and the transformations between these phases, the book suggests subtle similarities with the zones of Christian faith that many encounter.

For butterflies and Christians change between these ‘phases’ or ‘zones’ is substantial, life-changing and irreversible. This book accompanies ordinary people in the midst of substantive faith change. Chrysalis is primarily pastoral and practical drawing on the author’s experience of accompanying people in the midst of difficult personal faith changes.

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1 review for Chrysalis: The Hidden Transformation in the Journey of Faith

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Margaret Proud

    I don’t know if a butterfly can remember what it feels like to be inside a chrysalis but I can certainly remember what the early years of my ongoing, spiritual transformation felt like.

    For long stretches of time my experience felt dark and uncomfortable with little prospect of change. When the sources of spiritual sustenance I had relied on for years ceased to have meaning and I found myself filled with angry, frustrated and painful questions, it was very hard to make sense of the journey. I wish I had had this little book then.

    Anyone who has read Alan Jamieson’s earlier work A Churchless Faith will know that he is good at metaphor. In Chrysalis he uses the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly to illustrate the process of spiritual transformation towards maturity in faith. Drawing on his experience as a fellow traveller, a pastor and a sociologist of faith, he makes sense of the painful dismantling and rebuilding of faith that has to happen to each of us if we are to grow into our own skins and become the persons God truly made us to be.

    This is a book for those on that journey of faith. It is also a resource for those who walk alongside others as they travel through the dark, tough places of the spiritual life. It is a hopeful and compassionate book, an easy read but full of profound insights. It helped me articulate where my spiritual journey has been taking me but, more importantly, why I have been there and what it is achieving. The chrysalis stage does not last forever: for those who hang in there, eventually the butterfly emerges. Read this and take heart.
    Review by Judith Maskery

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