This month’s main readings will be taken from Colman – ‘Monastic Diseases’ – from page 1149 in Celtic Daily Prayer – Book Two

Monastic diseases are coping mechanisms – attitudes and actions that can bring dis-ease to ourselves and to others around us. All of us have the potential to catch any and all of the diseases – the main problem lies in denial or wrong diagnosis or no diagnosis at all, i.e. Being unaware of them.  Monastic diseases are closely related to the logismoi, those repetitive thoughts and preoccupations that can distract us from the spiritual path, and which inflame the inner monsters of our negative memories, moods, and secrets triggered by all sorts of people, issues, and situations, as well as our desire for comfort and consolation; all of which find expression in false expectations and unrealistic ambitions which are basically egotistical. There is so much in us of anger, aggression, selfishness, hurt, deception and damage that can only be rooted out by patient, faithful, loving commitment to seeking God and knowing self, our limitations, boundaries and weaknesses, for only then can we deal with them.

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At Nether Springs and for our online retreats, we will also be using Eata – The Wisdom of Roland Walls’ in the evenings.