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Project Leader Opportunity with the School for Monastic Living

We have an immediate need for a Project Leader to guide the development of a School for Monastic Living within the Community. Through such a school, we hope that, in time, our Community treasures of teaching resources will become ‘treasures of the heart’, known and valued, and central to our Way for Living.  The school would give opportunities for each of us to encounter and grow through the Community’s spiritual inheritance, the treasures old and new that God has given to us.  These treasures of the heart would inform our continued journeying, call us to risky living, and keep us asking the ‘hard questions’.

The school would ideally be accessible to all and so accessible anywhere. It would inspire, challenge, enrich and develop learners both as monks in their cells and pilgrims on their journeys.  Learning conversations could take place across the whole Community—at the Mother House, “on the road,” online, in Community Groups, within the Novitiate programme, and among Soul Friends.  We will learn together, and learn with a measure of hunger and joy because of the shared understanding of the importance of learning and personal development in the monastic life and in being wounded-healers in a wounded world.

The Project Leader role is a paid position, initially for a fixed period of 12 months. The post holder will be home-based but will need to make regular trips to Nether Springs in Northumberland.

The closing date for applications is 29th May 2018.

For further information please contact Neil Crosbie on 07973 942613.

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