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Through the year with the Saints

We thought it might be helpful to have some reflections on various characters who have informed the Community’s journey, as we travel through the year.  Many of these may also be found in “Celtic Daily Prayer”. Some others have also been included who have been influential in the Celtic lands, and some significant festivals are also included. We’ll post articles here on this page, according to whose ‘day’ is coming up, and each article will appear for 1 week prior to and 1 week following that day. At the end of each article we have provided a prayer which you may find helpful as you meditate on the saint’s life. You can also use the table below to explore who else is in the list.


New Year:  1st   Telemachus: 1st    Juniper: 4th    Hilary of Poitiers: 13th   Kentigern: 13th    Ita: 15th

Paul of Thebes: 15th   Peter the Apostle:  16th   Anthony of Egypt: 17th    Canaire: 28th



Brigid: 1st   Candlemas:  2nd    Elfleda: 8th    Teilo: 9th   Caedmon: 11th   Finan: 17th   John Hyde: 17th

Colman: 18th         Polycarp: 23rd



David: 1st    Chad: 2nd    Shrove Tuesday:  4th (2014)   Owini: 4th    Ash Wednesday: 5th (2014)   Billifrith: 6th

Baldred: 6th    Senan: 8th   Paul Aurelian: 12th   Patrick: 17th    Joseph of Arimathea: 17th   Cuthbert: 20th

Herebert: 20th   Ethilwald of Farne: 23rd   Felgild: 23rd   Oscar Romero: 24th



Mary of Egypt: 1st   Martin Luther King Jr:  4th    Dietrich Bonhoeffer:  9th

Maundy Thursday: 17th   Good Friday: 18th   John Mark: 25th



John the Beloved:  6th  Julian of Norwich: 8th  Comgall: 11th   Brendan:  16th    Bede:  26th



Kevin:  3rd   Eadfrith:  4th   Columba:  9th     Alban:  22nd   Etheldreda:  23rd   Bartholomew of Farne:  24th   Irenæus: 28th



Germanus of Man:  3rd   Thomas:  3rd   Boisil:  7th   Benedict of Nursia:  11th:   John Cassian:  23rd   ‘Holy Olav’ of Norway:  29th

Ignatius of Loyola: 31st



Oswald: 5th  Clare of Assisi: 11th    Mary Mother of Jesus:  15th

Oswin:  20th   Ebba:  25th   Ninian: 26th   Pelagius:28th   Aidan: 31st



Teresa of Calcutta:  5th   Matthew the Apostle:  21st   Henri Nouwen:  21st   Adamnan:  23rd

Cadoc:  25th   Michael and all angels:  29th



Thérèse of Lisieux:  3rd   Francis of Assisi: 4th    Paulinus: 10th    Wilfrid: 12th   Teresa of Avila:  15th  Gall: 16th

Luke:  18th   Tuda:  21st   Cedd: 26th   Eata:  26th   Begu:  31st   All Hallows:  31st



All Saints:  1st   Illtyd:  6th   Willibrord:  7th    Martin of Tours:  11th    Celtic Advent:  16th

Hild:  17th   C.S. Lewis:  22nd   Columbanus:  23rd   Eanfleda:  24th



Charles de Foucauld: 1st   Jean Donovan:  2nd   Diuma:  7th   Thomas Merton:  11th   Finnian of Clonard:  12th

John of the Cross:  14th   Catherine de Hueck Doherty:  14th   Samthann:  18th   Christmas Eve:  24th

Christmas Day:  25th   Stephen:  26th   John the Beloved:  27th   Holy Innocents:  28th   John Wycliffe:  31st