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Spiritual Development

Advent Retreat

1st Dec - 3rd Dec 2017, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

As we enter the busy seasons of Advent and Christmas, this retreat offers the opportunity to prepare for the weeks ahead, to separate the trivial from the significant, and to consider again the meaning, relevance and wonder of the Incarnation of Christ. Through conversation, reflection, and practical workshops, we’ll prepare to welcome Christ into our […]

Jesus, Conflict and Peace-Making

27th Nov - 30th Nov 2017, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

How we respond to conflict is one of the biggest challenges we face. Often it’s assumed a ‘Christian’ response to conflict is to be nice. But how did Jesus himself respond to the people and institutions who came up against him, didn’t understand him, tried to silence him, sought to trick him and to ultimately defeat him? During this retreat, we’ll explore each of the four Gospels, looking at the life of Christ through the lens of conflict, peace-making and reconciliation. We’ll explore through study, drama and discussion.

Rediscovering Sabbath

17th Nov - 19th Nov 2017, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

We live in a culture driven by constant activity and business. The thought of resting a whole day every week might even sound scary to us as we all are affected by the pressure to do and achieve. How can we learn to stop? What lies at the heart of God’s commandment and this ancient […]

Who are you God, and who am I?

13th Nov - 16th Nov 2017, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

This question is at the heart of the spiritual journey as we work out how we fit in the world and what our purpose is. It’s a question that is often asked at times of significant change and transition when the identity that we have constructed for ourselves is challenged, but ultimately it is about […]

Go Peaceful In Gentleness

10th Nov - 12th Nov 2017, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

Explore what it might mean to live gently and peaceably in a world of violence, increasing fragmentation, emerging nationalism and tribalism. What was the gift and charism of our Celtic forefathers and mothers and how does the spirituality of the Northumbria Community relate to how we live out our lives in a changing world?

Celebrating the Saints

30th Oct - 2nd Nov 2017, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

Over this ‘All Saints’ Day’ week, we’ll have a chance to explore together the significance of being part of ‘The Communion of the Saints’.  We’ll also explore the lives of a variety of Northumbrian Saints and how they might help shape a ‘Northumbrian Spirituality’. Suitable for all ages.

Body and Soul

20th Oct - 22nd Oct 2017, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

A weekend spent in the company of Hildegard of Bingen reflecting on the interconnectedness of who we are in God.  Hildegard is was a 12th century German Benedictine abbess, Christian mystic, writer, composer, philosopher, visionary, and polymath who is thought to be one of the most influential persons of the Middle Ages.  Her legacy can […]

Mentoring Retreat: Wisdom Gleaned and Experiences Shared

9th Oct - 12th Oct 2017, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

Join Roy Searle and others in a safe and supportive environment to encourage, share, learn from one another and draw from Roy’s experience as one of the leaders of the Northumbria Community, who has planted and pastored churches, established and encouraged missional initiatives and who teaches, mentors and spiritually directs a number of people in […]

The Courage of Vulnerability

2nd Oct - 5th Oct 2017, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £180

As a Community that commits itself to Availability and intentional, deliberate Vulnerability, we have been thankful to discover the work of Brené Brown who writes about vulnerability with great humanity, wisdom and humour. Drawing on her insights and on those of the Northumbria Community, we’ll use reflection, discussion and artistic play to begin dismantling the walls of fear or shame that keep us hidden from ourselves and from others. We explore this calling: to let ourselves be seen and live full, whole-hearted lives.

Being With

15th Sep - 17th Sep 2017, Nether Springs
Suggested donation: £120

In a world of Doing—doing for and doing to— this retreat will take a look at the importance and power of Being With… through friendship, through having an open table, through being good neighbours.  How does ‘Availability and Vulnerability’ lead us to ‘being with’ God and others?