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‘North East Workshop’

North East Workshop is a two-year part-time theology course, running currently in Teesside on one Saturday per month.  It is taught mainly by Paul Wilson, who has taught in all the national Workshop centres over many years.  Paul also teaches Mission on the Lindisfarne ordination course, and is due to teach on the Mission module for the Northern Baptist Learning Community.

Almost 5000 people have completed the Workshop course over the past 30 years.  The course is quite comprehensive, covering Old Testament history, Biblical studies, Ethics, Eschatology, Doctrine, Apologetics, World religions, Spirituality, The Church and Mission.  For those who want to write some essays, it can lead to a level 3 Certificate in Applied Christian Studies.  It is possible to dip in and out, but experience suggests that those who commit to the whole course get the maximum benefit.

It is likely that this September will be the start of the final 2-year programme in Teesside. Details of the Teesside course are available here in Word format, and are on the website, which also contains an enrolment form.

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